Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rose Leslie naked in Game of Thrones’ as Ygritte seduces Jon Snow in a cave

She’s really Wild: Game of Thrones’ Ygritte seduces Jon Snow in a cave

Rose Leslie naked in the latest episode of the TV show Game of Thrones
Upfront ... Ygritte asks Jon to break his vow of celibacy

GAME of Thrones’s Ygritte strips naked to test the allegiance of her newest tribe member Jon Snow.

In last night’s episode of the hit HBO show the fiery red-head was seen seducing her virgin prisoner in a cave filled with volcanic springs.
Scottish actress Rose Leslie, who plays Wildling woman Ygritte, is the latest female to peel of her clothes for the fantasy series.
Jon Snow looks at naked Ygritte
Bot a sight ... Jon looks stunned
The steamy romp — which took a day to shoot — was filmed in an Icelandic geyser in temperatures as low as minus 26.
Ygritte tells Jon he must prove once and for all he’s not a traitor by forsaking the vow of celibacy he made with his former brothers of the Night’s Watch.
Ygritte stipped naked
Wild thing ... Ygritte sheds her furs
The level of Jon’s commitment to the Wildlings hangs in the balance as their thousands-strong army plot an attack on his former allies.
Aristocratic Rose, who played lowly housemaid Gwen in Downton Abbey, said: "It’s a very beautiful scene and (nice things) don’t happen very often on the show
"It’s just two people falling in love. It’s very beautiful.”
Ygritte looks at Jon Snow
Falling in love ... Ygritte and Jon
Kit Harington, who plays Jon, agrees the tender scene was a break from some of the harsher realities of life in the medieval realm.
He said: “It is one of the very few happy moments where you can escape from the grimness and horror of Westeros.”
"I enjoyed it a lot ... I think Jon’s the only one on the show who hasn’t had sex yet, it seems to be, so that was nice. You’re rooting for him."
The couple were linked in real life after they were spotted kissing in a London restaurant. They have not commented on their relationship since

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sexy Francine Lewis from Britain's Got Talent

Francine’s bust impression

Francine Lewis
Sexy ... Francine Lewis

BRITAIN’S Got Talent mimic Francine Lewis takes off more than just telly stars — modelling fetish fashions.

The mum of two, 37, did the shoot in the early 1990s, when she was known for baring her boobs in London clubs including Stringfellows.
A pal said: “She was proud of them and never shy.”

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Penelope Cruz strips off for nude scenes in movie

Penelope Cruz strips off for nude scenes in movie

Stunning actress Penelope Cruz goes topless during a sex scene with actor Emile Hirsch in Italian movie drama Venuto al mondo
Twice porn ... Penelope Cruz

PENELOPE Cruz goes topless in a steamy sex scene with Emile Hirsch.

The Spanish beauty stripped off for the naked romp in the Italian movie Venuto al Mondo – meaning Twice Born.
And she wasn’t the only one getting her kit off in the saucy drama – as co-star Saadet Askoy got in on the act.
The movie stars the Vicky Christina Barcelona actress as a single mother who takes her teenage son to Sarajevo, where his father died in the Bosnian war 16 years before.
The racy flashbacks show her passionate relationship with lover Diego (Emile), who stayed behind while she fled the city with the baby.

Penelope Cruz topless in Venuto al Mondo
Screen strip ... Penelope

Penelope, 38, is married to Javier Bardem and the couple have a two-year-old son Leonardo.
In February, it was announced she was pregnant again.
So she’s going from Twice Born to second born.

Saadet Askoy topless
Pen's breast friend ... Saadet Askoy

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Beautiful Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Black and White Naked

Emmy Rossum Topless Clip from Shameless

Emmy Rossum Topless Clip from Shameless

Emmy Rossum topless
I’ve been watching Shameless lately and it’s a good show! It doesn’t hurt that the sexy Emmy Rossum keeps flashing her boobs in the show either. Here’s a clip of her latest boob flash. Yum!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Thandie Newton strips nude for a steamy romp in new TV show

Randy Thandie strips nude for a steamy romp in new TV show

Thandie Newton and Kavan Smith
Gripping scene ... Thandie Newton and Kavan Smith
Though it should be stressed her nude sexual encounter is strictly professional.
The steamy scene features in Brit star Thandie’s gritty new TV drama Rogue – a 10-part series that launched in the US last week.
She plays an undercover detective, called Grace, who’s determined to uncover the cause of her son’s mysterious death.
However, during her investigation she becomes embroiled in a forbidden relationship with criminal Jimmy Laszlo, played by Marton Csokas despite being married to Kavan Smith's character Tom.

Thandie Newton and Kavan Smith
Throes of passion ... Thandie Newton and Kavan Smith

The actor certainly seems to be getting to grips with his role – and with Thandie.
The images see Kavan hungrily clutching and wrapping his mouth around the actress’s bare flesh during their raunchy romp.
Thandie – who also strips nude for a shower scene – admits the show was a big challenge because she’s barely off-camera for the duration.
She said: “I do think it’s my best work, definitely.
“Partly because 10 hours is a long time, you know, and it’s also a long shooting period and that’s a lot of character to portray and, as a result, yeah, I reached into places that I wouldn’t normally go.”

Thandie Newton in Rogue
Power shower wower ... Thandie Newton

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Friday, 5 April 2013

Michelle Keegan topless in the bath photo riddle

Michelle topless pic riddle

Michelle Keegan
Soap-y star ... Corrie's Michelle Keegan
Cruise Pictures

CORRIE beauty Michelle Keegan sparked a saucy riddle last night — as a picture of a topless girl in a bath was posted on her Instagram page.

At the same time Michelle, 25, tweeted a photo of herself having a soak, but showed only her toes.
The boob pic was deleted SIX SECONDS later — but not before hundreds of fans reposted it on Twitter.
Bath girl
Soak star ... bath girl
Michelle — Tina McIntyre in the ITV soap — denied that she was the unidentified topless girl.
She blamed a prank by her pal Hayley Moynihan. Her agent Laura Graham insisted: “Her friend got her passwords.”
Michelle later tweeted her pal: “I’m gonna kill u!”

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