Sunday, 30 September 2012

Jenna- Louise Coleman Topless - (Doctor Who's new assistant)

Doctor Who Star Jenna-Louise Coleman Strips Off For Steamy TV Series

Stunned Doctor Who fans see her go topless for BBC4 drama
Doctor Who Star Jenna-Louise Coleman Strips Off For Steamy TV Series
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Many Doctor Who fans would love to see more of new star Jenna-Louise Coleman, and their prayers were answered on BBC4 drama 'Room At The Top' last week (we're sure you can catch it on iPlayer...)

Doctor Who's beautiful new companionstunned fans by appearing topless in the sexually charged TV show last week, which is based on John Brain's landmark 1957 novel.
Described as ‘90 per cent sex’, the sensual show sees Jenna-Louise, best known for playing Emmerdale’s Jasmine Thomas, lose her virginity to main character Joe Lampton. Almost 500,000 viewers saw the 26-year-old star in the saucy seduction scene last week, set in a grimey stairwell. Lovely!
One fan tweeted: ‘So did anyone watch Jenna-Louise Coleman in Room At The Top? I got more than I bargained for.’
Coleman exposes her breasts and places Lampton’s hand on them, prompting him to say: ‘I could never believe a woman would love me enough to let me do this.’ Ooh-err!
The actress will officially become Doctor Who's new sidekick on Christmas Day. She has already made an appearance in an episode this month, playing feisty Oswin Oswald, who was convinced she was trapped on a planet overrun by Daleks. She and the Doctor immediately bonded, but the episode ended in heartbreak when it was discovered she was slowly being converted into a Dalek.
Doctor Who fans have since speculated how Coleman will manage to meet the Doctor again, with some suggesting she will play a different character, possibly related to Oswald.
Coleman replaces the Doctor’s current assistants, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill...

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