Monday, 4 February 2013

Oops Christina Milian flashes nipple

Chris-teat-na Milian! Singer's nipple slips out on the beach

Star boobs and flashes her breast as she sunbathes in Miami

Singer and Actress Christina Milian and some friends enjoy a day on the beach in Miami, FL, USA
She looks a Milian dollars .. Christina's accidental flash
Bluestar Images Ltd/OIC

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Christina Milian see-through nipple

Christina Milian hates wearing a bra… Not sure if these breasts are real or the result of some plastic surgery but they look almost too perfect.
christina milian  see-through nipple

Christina Milian nipple slip

Christina Milian is making an abrupt turn for the better… She hates the idea of wearing a bra so it’s little surprise, her right breast is making a sudden appearance.
christina milian nipple slip

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