Ordinarily when you read the name ‘Iglesias,’ alarm bells instantly go off in your brain ears.
Only instead of the standard high-pitched ringing noise, it’s the sound of a breathy Spaniard asking if you’d dance if he asked you to dance. 

It's an awkward and very disturbing experience but thankfully there's one woman doing her sexy bestest to change all of this and leave us with nothing but a warm fuzziness every time we hear her name.
She is Melanie Iglesias, an American model, actress and MTV regular and pretty much what both the internet and eyeballs were invented for.

Here’s why we love her...


Sure, we’ve all seen women living it up dressed like bunnies or cats on nights out but truthfully it’s never really that awesome. If anything it’s almost predictable, hen night 101 even.

But not one when Melanie does it, oh no, check out this bit of Minnie Mouse brilliance.

And this mask…
The last time we saw this mask it was in a Channel Four dogging documentary and has haunted our dreams ever since. Now, it’s still in our dreams, only it's a lot more welcome in our floaty head space.