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Emily Ratajkowski strips naked for super hot Sports Illustrated pictures

Emily Ratajkowski strips naked for super hot Sports Illustrated pictures

The Blurred Lines model gets painted for the magazine's bikini issue

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But this time Emily Ratajkowski has posed totally naked for the magazine, stripping down and covering herself in nothing but paint.

Emily Ratajkowski poses naked for the latest Sports Illustrated hot pictures. Copyright (Sports Illustrated)
Posing in a painted-on Sports Illustrated bikini, the Blurred Lines model leaves very little to the imagination (which you're obvuously thankful for) in the beach shoot.

The 22-year-old model has been making a name for herself since staring in Robin Thicke's controversial video last year.

As well as landing a role in upcoming adaptation Gone Girl, Emily has become a household name in the modelling world.

Emily Rajakowski already appeared in Sports Illustrated's bikini issue. Copyright: [Sports Illustrated]
And despite starting her career at 12, she says she's had a pretty good journey so far, telling Esquire: "Yeah, you know, I've never really had any of those experiences.

"I started modeling when I was — not older, but not 12. I have a mum who's a feminist, she's an English professor, an intellectual.

"She really gave me the equipment to understand that you can celebrate yourself without putting yourself down or needing to apologize for the way you look. I think that attitude is really crucial for a model."

Emily recently faced backlash over her curves, with fans claiming the star had had a boob job - which she quickly quashed by posting a snap of her 14-year-old self with the same bra size on Twitter.

Emily Ratajkowski in Sports Illustrated is probably the most perfect sight we have ever seen

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She caught the attention of the whole blimmin’ world in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video and now we suspect she is about to grab it all over again!
Emily Rajakowski is female perfection if you ask us. Copyright: [SPorts Illustrated]

Emily Ratajkowski really is one of life’s genetically blessed types and this has been further proved today with the release of her Sports Illustrated shoot.

Wow-zers! We have a major girl crush going on right now.

The 22-year-old looks incredibly hot posing for the iconic mag wearing not very much at all.

Stop it Emily Rajakowski, you're making the rest of us look bad! Copyright: [Sports Illustrated]

However, if we had a bod half as cracking as hers we think we would just boycott clothes for life – because, frankly, who needs clothes when you look this amaze without them.

*runs to gym crying*

And by the sounds of things, Emily was as excited about her shoot hitting the stands as we (and our boyfriends) were to see it.

Now that is one perfect bum. Copyright: [Sports Illustrated]

“So excited and honored to be a rookie in @SI_swimsuit 50th anniversary issue!' the Blurred Lines babe wrote on Twitter earlier this month.

“Can't wait for Feb 18 when the issue will hit stands!”
And now we can certainly see what she was so excited about! It’s. Just. Not. Fair! 

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