Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Introducing Aisika The Lady Boss


Introducing Aisika Mai photography by Chakrawooth Kaewjunthong

Introducing Aisika Mai photography by Chakrawooth Kaewjunthong Taken in Bangkok, Thailand

Introducing Aisika The Lady Boss 

Aisika is pronouced "I-c-Ka" . Originally from Bangkok, Thailand and is currently located in LA. 

Aisika was born in Bangkok Thailand. She began her modeling career in 2008. This Asian sensation moved to the United States in 2009 to find more opportunities as an Asian model. Aisika currently resides in the city of Angels which is only fitting for a “Lady Boss” as herself. When Aisika isn’t making it happen in front of the camera she is working hard in school for

This combination of brains and beauty enjoys spending time with friends and family, when she’s not practicing yoga, working out, cooking or creating her own recipes. With her busy lifestyle, and relentless determination it’s no surprise that Aisika aspires to be one of the best Asian models ever. Aisika has been featured on the reels of over 20 photographers,
some of which are; CE Wiley, Marquest Edwards (MQ Images & MQ tease), Violator Jam X, Howard Harris, Shawn Ellis (studio shawn), Leonard Thompson, Ron Rowland, Donnell Marsh (Urban Soul Photography), Jonathan Ortiz (shotz studio), Kelvin Craver and David Vendenge.

   She has been featured on numerous websites such as All American Dimes, Ggurls, 50Fifty Magazine, Showoutgirlz, Pure Cash Magazine, Support the hustle, TopShelffent, and many more She has also been doing her modeling videos and featured in music videos. Aisika hopes to inspire others to love themselves and reach for their dreams. Be on the look out, this orient express is going full steam ahead!

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