Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Lucy Mecklenburgh looks AMAZING in Heat's exclusive photoshoot

GALLERY: Lucy Mecklenburgh looks AMAZING in heat's exclusive photoshoot

Ask basically any human on earth right now if they have either a boy- or girl-crush on TOWIE's Lucy Mecklenburgh and they will grab you with both arms and shout “YES” in your face with this kind of curious and unhinged intensity which is actually quite alarming. “YES!” they will continue, calmly. “YES, CHRIST! I WANT TO SELL MY HOUSE AND MOVE TO ESSEX. I’VE LEFT MY JOB JUST TO GAZE AT PICTURES OF HER ON HOLIDAY. HELP ME. I HAVE A PROBLEM.”
Anyway, this week heat sat Lucy down and talked all things Essex with us, touching on her recent break-up with TOWIE co-star Mario Falcone (“It’s 100 per cent finished”), her new and exciting fling with TOWIE co-star Dan Osborne (“Yeah!”), and her recent body transformation. “I don’t think I’m too thin,” she told us. “Probably after I split up with Mario I did get a bit too skinny, but I did something about it.”
You can read the full interview in heat magazine (out today), so go pick it up. Go, go on. We’ll wait. We’ll just be here waiting, with a load of pictures of Lucy Mecklenburgh. It's fine, we’ll wait.

Check out our behind-the-scenes video below

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