Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Luvian Chinese model


Luvian is one of my favorite discoveries. We first saw her on XiuRen.com (a website devoted to showing off extremely hot Chinese chicks), and she’s hot as hell. She’s a 22 year old model born on July 11, 1992.
Here are her social media profiles.

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Wang Yu Fei Taiwanese model

Wang Yu Fei

Not much is known about this Taiwanese model except that she has crazy big tits. Like I mean those things are massive. Don’t want to waste your time with random info and facts (plus we don’t really have that much info on this chick) so just start looking at the pics.

Season oriental model


Not sure if this chick is one girl or multiple girls. When we first discovered her it was under the name “Season” and her pictures are watermarked with the website Ugirls.com. It sounds more like a girl band than a single girl. Or maybe that’s the name of something else. Whatever. All we know is that she’s hot as f*ck.


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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Chinese Model Huan Miao Miao

Have you ever heard of these Chinese hotties that have gotten famous through social media? Which one is your favorite?
Here at Amped Asia we like to scour the far reaches of the Internet to find you hot girls that you wouldn’t have found yourself. We searched high and low and we found a few Chinese ladies that we think will impress you mightily. Keep reading to learn about 5 extremely sexy ladies that we discovered for you.

Huan Miao Miao

Huan Miao Miao

She’s a sexy model and car show girl from Shanghai, and we first discovered her on the web in 2014 when her pics started circulating a lot throughout the Internet. And why wouldn’t they circulate? This girl is extremely extremely hot, and she knows how to pose.

MORE HOT ASIAN STUFF?Check out a quick pic dump.

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